In its aim to put the state of Iowa in the forefront of film making, city officials have approved the launching of the Iowa Indie Film Festival. This would give aspiring talented artists to showcase their film making skills to more people. The participants are students of Iowa’s colleges and universities who are currently enrolled in any film making classes. This will be an annual affair, with different colleges and universities taking turns to host the venue of the film festival. It is the hope of city officials to inspire more upcoming directors, writers, and producers to sharpen their film making skills to prepare them for their entry in the movie industry.

Here are the guidelines for those who are interested to join the Iowa Indie Film Festival.

  1. They must be currently residing and enrolled in any Iowa schools, colleges, and universities.
  2. Participants should not have done any major commercial film in the past.
  3. Members of the film commission and their immediate family members are exempted from joining the film festival.
  4. Participants must be able to submit a complete screenplay with a running time of no longer than 90 minutes.
  5. Submit five copies of the screenplay to the film commission together with the application form, synopsis, and profile of the filmmakers.

The themes of the indie films to be featured on the launching of the Iowa Indie Film Festival arefreedom, gender sensitivity, and relevant social issues. It is the hope of the commissioners of the film festival that the participants can turn their creative imagination and vision into well-crafted films that will also educate the public about the current situation of our country. The commissioners said that they wanted to see good films with social relevance. As of this writing, many students have already submitted their entries. The film fest commission will announce the official list of participants on July 1, 2018.