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The Iowa Indie Film Festival was officially launched last Monday, October 15, 2018. Present in the event were the city mayor, commissioners of the film festival, and representatives from different colleges and student organizations who submitted their entries to the first ever indie film fest in the state. Everyone was abuzz with excitement as the head commissioner was set to announce which indie films made it to the festival.

Prior to this, the commissioners of the film festival have been working on this project for more than a year already. They had announced that they would be giving grants to 5 film projects to help with the cost of the film production. They called on the participation of different colleges and universities in the state of Iowa especially those with courses on film making and those who have students who are very much interested in film production. The aim of the Iowa Indie Film Festival is to promote and enhance the craft and art of film making among our budding talents and artists. This will give them an opportunity to hone their skills further and showcase their talents to other people. Interested parties were then asked to submit their application forms along with a one-page synopsis of their film’s story line and a short profile of the amateur filmmakers. They were given until December of last year to submit their applications and entries were due July of this year.


After a careful deliberation, the commissioners of the Iowa Indie Film Festival were set to announce who made it to the first ever film fest. The announcement of the films that were chosen was the highlight of the launching of the Iowa Indie Film Festival. The aspiring directors, writers, and producers were recognized and presented to the public to acknowledge their hard work and talents.These promising artists, who once only dreams of creating their own films from their garage doors in Santa Fe, are now given the opportunity to showcase their talents to the rest of the world. Movie buffs are in for a surprise as they witness the aspiring filmmakers of this generation showcase their skills and craft.

Participants were given the opportunity to tackle films with social relevance. They explored different social issues to show the public the realities of our time. This is oftentimes lost in mainstream movies. They want to show films with marketability as the first consideration. We understand that creating movies is part of the business and producers would want to gain profit from their capital. So, here is where the beauty of indie movies lie. They are brave to tackle real issues. They have the courage to expose the true situation to the public instead of thinking of a story line with money in their mind. We hope that as we give our young artists this opportunity and venue to create socially relevant films, they can bring these values with them when they officially join the film industry. May they never waiver in using their arts and craft in educating the people about the world we live in and what we can do to make it a better place.



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Let’s face it. Making movies or films is a business. There are producers who put in the capital for the production of the film and in return, they are expecting to earn from their endeavor. Price discrimination is evident in the film industry as cinemas come up with different promotions to entice people to watch the movies.  Cinemas will earn based on the number of people who will watch the movies that they feature.  When there is a new movie that is expected to be a blockbuster and everyone is interested to watch it, expect the price of movie tickets to be high. There is such a high demand to see the movie that people are not sensitive to the price and will buy the tickets at whatever cost.  On the other hand, when the demand to see the movie has gone down or it does not gather that much interest for moviegoers, ticket prices can be reduced.  When their business statistics show that there are fewer movie goers for this particular time or day, cinemas can reduce the prices of movie tickets to entice more people to watch movies during that time or day.  Film enthusiasts can get rewards for frequently going to the cinemas.  Movie theaters also offer additional features to enhance the viewing experience but those features will cost extra money.  Or they may offer promotions for big groups of moviegoers.  In terms of age group, there may be different ticket prices for senior citizens, adults,and children.  Basically, they are all watching the same movie but prices may change depending on some elements on the side of the consumer or business.  It is a strategy that would allow owners of cinemas to vary their ticket prices to increase and maximize their profits.  This is one way to show the commercialization of the film industry.



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In its aim to put the state of Iowa in the forefront of film making, city officials have approved the launching of the Iowa Indie Film Festival. This would give aspiring talented artists to showcase their film making skills to more people. The participants are students of Iowa’s colleges and universities who are currently enrolled in any film making classes. This will be an annual affair, with different colleges and universities taking turns to host the venue of the film festival. It is the hope of city officials to inspire more upcoming directors, writers, and producers to sharpen their film making skills to prepare them for their entry in the movie industry.

Here are the guidelines for those who are interested to join the Iowa Indie Film Festival.

  1. They must be currently residing and enrolled in any Iowa schools, colleges, and universities.
  2. Participants should not have done any major commercial film in the past.
  3. Members of the film commission and their immediate family members are exempted from joining the film festival.
  4. Participants must be able to submit a complete screenplay with a running time of no longer than 90 minutes.
  5. Submit five copies of the screenplay to the film commission together with the application form, synopsis, and profile of the filmmakers.

The themes of the indie films to be featured on the launching of the Iowa Indie Film Festival arefreedom, gender sensitivity, and relevant social issues. It is the hope of the commissioners of the film festival that the participants can turn their creative imagination and vision into well-crafted films that will also educate the public about the current situation of our country. The commissioners said that they wanted to see good films with social relevance. As of this writing, many students have already submitted their entries. The film fest commission will announce the official list of participants on July 1, 2018.



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Everyone is invited to watch the films featured on the first ever Iowa Indie Film Festival. The venue for the screenings is at the Iowa State University.  The screening schedule is provided so that moviegoers can set their plan to watch their favorite  film entries or maybe all of the featured films on the festival. The  films were carefully selected by the city officials and film festival commission based on the entries submitted by students from different Iowa colleges and universities. Now, it is time for the public to see the fruit of the hard work of these budding filmmakers who can very well be the next top directors, screenplay writers, and producers of our time.

Organizers of the Iowa Indie Film Festival would like to remind everyone that you do not have to be a student of the Iowa State University to be able to watch the film entries. The film festival is open to the public. However, viewers are advised to observe proper decorum inside the venue so as not to disturb other students and activities in the said university. Screenings start at 4 pm from Monday to Friday and from 10 am to 8 pm on Saturday and Sunday. This will give our viewers ample opportunity to catch the film that they want to see although we are inviting everyone to watch all of the entries because they are the crème of the crop. This year’s themes tackle relevant social issues, gender sensitivity, and freedom. Let us all witness and marvel how these aspiring artists crafted their films to be able to show us this reality of our times. Truly, these are films that you should not miss. The lineup of the films features excellent story lines and fantastic performances from our students that it is hard to believe that they were done by amateurs.